Our Mission

Love Your Home

Our Values

Make mistakes once, but make them
Why so serious?
Elevate your neighbors
Relentlessly improve

PMG’s X Team is committed to transparency with residents and partners about what it means to join our community. Please hold us accountable to delivering on the below.

Your apartment building should be more than a dull stack of boxes. That’s why we don’t build apartments. We build social living communities for awesome people to thrive together.

After all, your rent pays for more than occupying a unit. It pays for the common areas, amenities, staff — everything. Your home quite literally works for you, so the entire space should be a vibrant reflection of who you are and what you’re into. Every nook that doesn’t delight isn’t living up to its potential. Every design and technology decision should be made with your lifestyle and convenience in mind. Like the city around it, your building should shift in countless ways as a reflection of its inhabitants.

That’s what motivates our work. You deserve to love your home. You deserve to be part of an exciting cultural tapestry that’s comfortable and challenging, relaxed and engaging, free and welcoming. It is our privilege to offer you a home not as a space, but as an experience.

PMGx communities are social centers with amenities and events that bring swagger, culture, and fun to your life. All units are built for grown up comfort, with the privacy you need and swanky finishes you’ve earned.

So come on over, sleep at our place.

Our Mission

Love Your Home: The most fun and convenient living experience for an attainable rent.