X Values: Respect Everyone

2 January 2018     |     By
This the fourth in a series about how our core values guide the way we design and manage our communities.

X Social Communities are havens for open arms, ears, and minds. With due respect for the First Amendment, bigots can find somewhere else to hang. No racism, sexism, homophobia, age-ism or other overt displays of intimidation and intolerance will be tolerated in our shared spaces. We’re about creating homes people love.

That’s not to say we shy away from disagreement. We believe that radically honest dialog is the fastest route to mutual understanding, and prefer being a forum to an echo chamber.

Here’s how we assure that #Respect pervades:

Setting Expectations: Every lease includes a Code of Conduct that commits residents to upholding a tolerant and inclusive environment in common areas (what you do behind closed doors is your business). Community Managers review this commitment with new residents prior to move-in.

Hiring & Training: We seek people who share our values and vision, then train them to foster a community as much as maintain a property. Brutes need not apply.

Walking The Talk: Giving and getting respect is essential to the X idenity. You’ll find commensurate messaging throughout our physical spaces, content, and digital footprint.

Inviting Neighbors Inside: Our doors are open to the community. Local non-profits, tutors, after-school programs and other do-gooders are invited to host events in our amenity spaces. Residents are encouraged to participate and contribute, learning from neighbors with different backgrounds and lifting them up when possible.

Creating Conversations: Part of why Life’s Better With Company is the understanding that comes from getting diverse people in the same room. Our Community Managers organize constant fitness, cultural, and social events that get neighbors talking. Resident are empowered to create and lead events too.

Listening: Soliciting honest feedback is how we learn to create even better places to live. Regular Management Office Hours and virtual Ownership Hangouts are a chance for residents to inform X leadership about ongoing concerns and discuss suggestions for improvements.

Everyone won’t get along. Tensions may flare. Romances may too. The best shot at thriving together is respecting each other always.

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