X Values: Life’s Better With Company

12 June 2017     |     By
This is the first in a series about how our core values guide the way we design and manage our communities.

Aristotle was right when he wrote “Man is by nature a social animal” (we googled it). The human spirit thrives in good company and whithers in isolation. Yet modern living gets in the way of maintaining real-world connections.

Relationships are increasingly fostered on Bumble online. We chase higher education, career advancement, and romance from city to city. The news cycle is so paranoia-inducing that simply saying Hello can be terrifying for both sides. Meeting new people has gotten really hard.

It’s a shame too, especially when it comes to your neighbors. Most apartment dwellers have potential friends, lovers, professional contacts, and helping hands living literally feet away, but their interactions are limited to awkward elevator small talk. That’s not our style. We don’t think it’s actually yours either.

PMGx social communities are designed to help you get out of your own way so you can crash into each other. Here’s a peak at how:

Events: We dedicate an inordinate amount of space to creating useful amenities, then organize constant social programs in them to get you off your ass. No matter what you’re into, we’ve got something to get you hanging out with likeminded neighbors, including fitness classes, potluck meals, movie screenings, cooking and mixology demos, inspirational lectures, game nights, and sports tournaments. Your friends from outside the building are almost always welcome to join too, so you can show up with a buddy and both make new ones.

Together Furniture: Typical seating lulls you into staring at a screen. We think furniture should be a shared thrill that removes barriers instead of creating them. Whether it be vertical platforms that challenges traditional concepts of space, swings that rock the soul, or simply a new way to lay, we scour for fixtures that enable delightful moments.

Rent-By-Bedroom Program: Finding roommates with the same budget, timing and lifestyle needs is tough, especially when you’re new in town. Affording your own place in an awesome building with the right location may be out of reach right now too. That’s why many of our multi-bedroom suites are rented by the bedroom with fully furnished common areas. Each roommate signs their own lease for a private bedroom and dedicated bathroom, and receives a monthly bill for their portion of utility expenses. It’s the most economical and convenient way to live where you want, with the added bonus of new friends included. We like to think of it as co-living for growing ups. (Note: While it tends to get the most attention, the Rent By Bedroom program is only a small portion of our buildings, the majority of which are studios and 1 beds rented to a single occupant or couple). 

Coworking Spaces: Office jobs are giving way to freelancers and remote workers, leaving hordes of young professionals seeking space to get shit done without being cooped up solo in pajamas. Many are entrepreneurs or sales people seeking the next deal, gig or collaborator. It is consequently our duty to provide productive environments for hunkering down to business with an eye on the next opportunity.

Food & Booze: We learned in college that people are more inclined to show up when they can fill their stomachs and take the edge off social anxiety. That’s actually about all we learned.

Public-Private Spaces: We love hotel lobbies. They’re clean, safe and buzzing with possibilities. That’s the same vibe we aspire to create in our common areas, often inviting local merchants to open shop on-site, pumping in music, and tasking local artists with creating a unique sense of place. Our front doors are open arms to the community, and local charities are invited to take advantage of our facilities.

So basically….Yes new friends.

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