X Values: Don’t Be A Bagel

27 September 2017     |     By
This is the third in a series about how our core values guide the way we design and manage our communities.

In PMG’s X team parlance, ‘bagel’ = a person who settles for the status quo, avoiding risk due to fear of failure or embarrassment. Everyone has value, but a bagel is a zero when it comes to decision-making.

Development is risky. We borrow money to buy land and build grand structures. Then we ask hard working people to trust us with their rent money while challenging their expectations of what an apartment building should be. Our whole business hinges on being more exciting and innovative than the competition.

The easiest — most bagel — decision is to do what’s expected.

  1. Design a generic building with a unit mix that roughly matches other similarly sized and situated projects
  2. Pick some inoffensive finishes
  3. Throw a half-assed game room or theater near the pool
  4. Hope people line up to live there

That’s not our style. We replace stodgy front desks and hushed lobbies with community managers hanging at raucous coffee and cocktail bars. We eliminate physical door keys with a mobile app that also manages guest access, packages, community events, and thermostats. We believe dog runs should be hangouts for humans first, and that quiet reading rooms should instead be vibrant coworking hubs. We recognize that art everywhere means it won’t be for everyone, and that’s OK.

Striving to never be a bagel reminds us that our community deserves a better living experience than typical apartments.

It also creates a culture that coaxes people out of their shells. PMGx team members are emboldened to speak out in meetings and challenge executives when off-base, knowing brutal honesty will be met with a hug. Passively allowing bad decisions is far more offensive than calling your boss an idiot.

Sometimes we all need a push to get out of our own way. Providing our community with constant social events (typically focused on enrichment, socializing or health) is as crucial to our mission as providing running water, but these events only succeed if people take a bit of risk to attend. Showing up means being vulnerable to new people and experiences, which we’re proud to encourage.

We’d be toast if we didn’t invest dough wiseley, scoop ourselves up every day, hire the upper crust of talent, and follow Cream Cheese into battle. Not to schmear the competition, but with this strategy baked into our culture, success is a lox.

P.S. No delicious carbs were hurt while creating this content.

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